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The Dwarf Planet

Imaged by Martin S. Ferlito ©
Gstar-EX Integrating Video Camera
Celestron 8" SCT f/5 200 frames captured, processes with VirtualDub, Registax5 & Photoshop 7  
Information credits to Project Pluto (Guide8)

This image of Pluto was captured on September 8th 2012.

Mythology:  (Discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh)
  The Roman god Pluto (Greek Hades) was the god of the underworld and brother
  of Zeus (Jupiter).

  Pluto has a moon, Charon, with a diameter of about 1,300 km.  They orbit
  each other once every 6.39 days, at a distance of about 12,000 km.  They each
  keep the same face toward the other, much as the moon always shows the same
  face to the earth.

  Pluto's orbit is in 3:2 resonance with Neptune's (Pluto orbits the sun twice
  for every 3 orbits of Neptune).  Their orbits cross, but there is no chance
  of collision because of this resonance.  Pluto was closer to the sun than
  Neptune from February 7, 1979 to February 11, 1999.  It will remain the most
  distant planet for 228 years.

  Pluto is the only planet that has not been visited by a spacecraft (except
  for long distance observations with the Hubble telescope).  The Pluto-Kuiper
  Express flyby mission launched in 2003-2004 and for arrival
  in 2012-2018.  It is important to get there as quickly as possible in order
  to observe Pluto's atmosphere before it completely freezes out.

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