Extended Field Setup

Below is a view of a more involved field setup. The tents to the left houses the pantry, power, telescope and mount.

Most Amateur Astronomers such as myself will reluctantly tell you that often we need to go to the sky, and that it's not as simple as just plonking your scope down in suburbia and seeing all there is to be seen with your telescope. Sure you can go out and Buy Light pollution filters and perhaps you may just see something, but you will never get the WoW factor in Suburbia. Unfortunately the Sky has left us and the age of Sodium and Mercury lighting fills the sky. So off we go in search of that Fantastic Spot in the middle of nowhere so we can loose ourselves in the mass of evening stars and the only light in the sky is the bright glow of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is worth spending some money on. Well, I think so anyway.  

 The tents don't just provide protection from dew, they also provide shelter from the sun during the day. The cooling down time for a Schmidt-Cassegrain is considerably longer than that of a Newtonian, so it is vital for both Visual and imaging sessions for the scope's optics to remain as cool as possible during the day. The tent's are pop-up, which fold's itself into a small manageable circle (Very Cool Idea) when the time is right it is a simple matter of removing the tent to expose the Telescope. These tents are also waterproof. so if the weather suddenly turns and starts to rain, I have no issues at all. Just cover it up, peg the tents into the ground and go to sleep.  The Tent which houses the Pantry with electrical systems is also more than just a shelter from the elements. It also provides ample protection from stray light from the Laptops, which can interfere with others dark-adapted eyes. The Power Box in this image is between the two tents. This is a mild example of what happens when you don't follow the inventory list. You forget one lead and something suffers. This time it was the Power Box.  

The telescope has plenty of room also. The floor of the tents do have a floor lining which it rolled up to the unseen side of the shot. There is no point using it if the tent will be removed come viewing or imaging time.

  This is a closer look at the imaging tent. You can see here that it's       roomy enough to accommodate a chair for comfort. There is no point  standing up all night when you could be sitting down.  


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