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 Barnard 33 and NGC 2024
The Horse Head and Flame Nebula
Imaged by Martin S. Ferlito copyright
Film Photography
8" Schmidt-Cassegrain on Vixen GP Mount, Stepper Driven. 
Prime Focus @ f/6.3 2X 30 minutes exposures using Fuji Provia 400F unguided exposure.

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E. Pickering detected IC 434 photographically in 1889, the Horse head can be detected on a photo made on January 25, 1900 by Isaac Roberts (Roberts 1902). E.E. Barnard recognized the object in the 1910s.
The first published description of the Horsehead Nebula was given in Barnard (1913), and it was first cataloged by Barnard (1919).
The remarkable Horsehead is a dark globule of dust and non-luminous gas, obscuring the light coming from behind, especially the moderately bright nebula IC 434. It is the most remarkable feature of an interesting region of diffuse nebulae, which belongs to a huge cloud of gas and dust situated 1,600 light years away in the direction of constellation Orion. The bright reflection nebula in the lower left is NGC 2023

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